Success of curricular and co- curricular activities of the institution depends entirely on the extent of cooperation among management, teachers, parents and students. Meetings of teachers and parents will be held frequently to solicit their valuable suggestions and role in the improvement of the academic performance of children. The concern of the parents about their wards will be fully addressed.To create friendliness between teachers and parents study tours along with the parents will be arranged. Frequent interaction between the parents and teachers will be arranged to promote a harmonious relationship between the two. Parent-teacher workshops will be conducted every year. It is very important for the parents to attend the same. In the workshop the parents will be informed of the teaching approach and their role in making the children feel that they have the supporting help of their parents in their efforts at school.

An individual is a product of nature (heredity) and nurture (environment) Every individual will have some inborn abilities such as talent for arts, literature, science or mathematics. There will be programmes to identify the specially talented students who will be motivated to improve or develop their potential capabilities. The creativity in the students will be explored for the benefit of themselves and the society.

Students will be enrolled in Guides & Scouts, NCC. NSS Eco clubs, etc. Programmes like rainwater harvesting, eco-restoration and afforestation, community health services will be taken up for the benefit and development of a warm community. Special at mention will be made to identify the students who have leadership qualities latent in them.

Proper and effective time management is of utmost importance for the modern living and efficient working . Training programs to inculcate the habit of time management and the skiil for crisis management in both the teachers and students will be conducted. Facilities to provide constant guidance and counselling will be ensured.

This is intended to provide congenial surroundings, comfortable planning equipments, adetv :e light and good sanitation. School health services will include formation of. health clubs, health examination, health guidance and counselling and emergency care. Senior students will take part in the school sanitation programme so as to maintain a clean campus. A beautiful landscape will be developed to create a sound environmental health.

The school runs classes from play class to class X and aims at running classes upto higher secondary level. A photo copy of the original birth certificate should be submitted aiong with the application for admission. The selection committee carefully reviews the applications and finalises the selection process depending on the merit of each case. Those who are selected for admission will be intimated separately.

School buses have fixed pick up points. Children should be brought to these points five minutes earlier to the arrival of the school bus and should be met promptly on their return at the-points by the parent / guardian or an authorised person. If on any occasion a child has to leave the school by an earlier bus than the usual one, the parent/guardian has to send a written request. Those who do not wish to avail the school bus facility may make their own arrangements for the to and fro journey of the children to school.

Attendance is very important for the continuity of the student’s education. If a student has to be absent from the school, a written application must be made by the parent / guardian in advance stating the reason and period of leave required.

If a child has a contagious disease or fever, he/she should not be sent to school until the child has recovered completely.

If a child falls sick at school, the parents will be contacted to take the child home. If any immediate attention or treatment is necessary, relevant details should be given to the school authorities in time.

The school is following the syllabus recommended by CBSE. Progress of each child will be carefully observed and progress reports will be sent to the parents at the end of every academic year.

Study kits will be issued to the students in the K.G and LP sections.

The school library is well equipped with children’s books, periodicals and reference books. Books are issued to children for a period of seven days and should be returned punctually. If a book is lost or damaged, a fine will be levied depending on the value of the books.

The children are to wear the school uniform during the school hours .

The school is not responsible for the loss of items such as, money, jewellery or any other valuable item brought to school by the children . The school does not include any toy weapon in its educational toys and desires that such items are not brought to school by the children.