As Arabindo Ghosh has suggested, a teacher must be a person with broad vision, deep knowledge and accomplished character .He should never compel pupils to learn .He should be a democrat in every respect.Students must be allowed to breathe the air of freedom. At the same time maintenance of discipline in the campus is indispensable .We will ensure that the atmosphere of the school is such that every student will be happy to be at school ,but not at the expense of the overall discipline of the school

Teachers as well as parents have to understand the children. They must treat children with love and fondness. The personality of children must be respected by them.

A child-centred and activity -based process of learning will be adopted at the primary stage. Both the Kindergarten and Montessory methods will be utilized to make the best of the creative abilities of children with a view to developing their body, mind and spirit

The school library is well equipped with children’s books, periodicals and reference books. Books are issued to children for a period of seven days and should be returned punctually. If a book is lost or damaged, a fine will be levied depending on the value of the books.